makeover Guide

Anne Christian’s visual guide to looking great: The Makeover Guide for men and women.

The Makeover Guide gives you the essential advice that you need to look your best from top to toe.

Compiled for both the fashion-challenged and the stylish, Anne’s Makeover Guide deals with the fundamentals of colour, personal style and how to look the part for every occasion. Easy-to-understand fashion advice on everything from cuff links to makeup. Discreetly bound, in a leather file, the Makeover Guide is your very own, personal image consultant at your fingertips.

  • Your skin tone and colour coding
  • The psychology of colour and how it affects your mood and those around you
  • Dressing for your body shape
  • Face shapes, haircuts and sunglasses
  • Grooming, hair, skin and makeup
  • Clothing capsules - looking great on a budget
  • Wardrobe planning and so, so much more...

Sign-up for a virtual makeover right now, and receive a copy of Anne’s Male or Female Makeover Guide for free! Anne’s makeovers aren’t complete without this definitive guide to style: the Anne Christian Makeover Guide.

Anne’s modular system allows you to seamlessly integrate the Makeover Guide into any corporate image or team building training course. To find out more about the Makeover Guide and it’s white-label branding opportunities, contact Anne for further information.