Dress Code Policy

The saying is true - clothes maketh man (and woman).

The way we conduct business has changed and so has the way we dress for business.

First impressions count, and your professional wardrobe is a big part of your company’s first impression to a new client. Just because you operate in a professional industry doesn't mean you have to look stiff and stuck-up (or lazy and sloppy for that matter).

Anne’s fool-proof dress code policies ensure that your employees are dressed for success for every occasion, whether meeting a prospect client or dressing appropriately for Casual Friday. Casual Friday dress has a bad habit of creeping into every day of the week and Anne’s easy-to-understand dress code policies help employees easily distinguish what’s appropriate to wear to work - any day of the week. Whether it’s formal suit attire, dressing smart-casual, or even corporate uniforms, Anne’s dress code policies will assist your employees in dressing professionally; helping them look relaxed yet neat and pulled together.

Combined with Anne’s image makeovers and dress code policy procedures, Anne is able to dramatically improve employee productivity and ultimately your business profits. Anne is able to:

  • Improve employee appearance by accentuating each employees positive assets
  • Teach correct hair and makeup application techniques for employees
  • How to dress appropriately for individual job tasks
  • Avoid inappropriate employee dress that could send the wrong message