Corporate Makeovers

Need to build a trustworthy brand and a credible corporate image?

You need Anne’s corporate image makeover services.

What is a corporate image makeover?

The best way to describe corporate image is that it’s the look and feel of your business to your clients. Or in other words, how your business appears from the outside looking in. It’s your logo, the signage on the front of the building, your staff uniforms, the look of your company cars and your website to mention just a few. Essentially, your corporate image affects your bottom-line.

Anne’s corporate image makeovers deal specifically with issues that affect the way your business interacts with customers. Think of your front-line staff. Are they branded? Do they introduce your company correctly? Do they represent your company correctly?

Anne’s professional corporate image makeovers will literally dress your business for success! She’ll help your organisation implement a successful dress code policy, including the dreaded “what to wear on Casual Friday” dilemma. The corporate image makeover courses include lessons on:

  • Dress for success
  • Grooming
  • Dress code policies
  • Work appropriate clothing
  • Office ettiquette
  • Implementing corporate identity into personal style

Anne works with any organisation, from non-profit to blue-chip. Her corporate image makeover services are a sure way to increase staff morale, confidence and sales.

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