You have 30 seconds to make a lasting, first impression.

It’s crucial to your success that your first impression is a good impression - whether it’s a business prospect or a date, those crucial seconds influence whether you’ll seal the deal or not.

How others see you, directly affects your credibility, capability, behaviour and body language. Anne Christian’s professional image makeovers push you in the right direction and help you dress for success.

Understanding your personal wardrobe and fashion sense will immediately give you an advantage - you’ll know what colours suit you, how to flatter the best bits of your body and most importantly, you’ll have the confidence you need to make a lasting impression.

Anne’s image makeovers include her simple yet detailed, Makeover Guide. It’s like carrying an image consultant in your hand-bag or briefcase.

No time for a makeover or live in a different city? Try Anne’s easy to use, online and virtual