About Anne Christian

An image consultant unlike any other. A straight-up, real and say-it-how-it-is corporate image consultant who understands the image needs of her clients.

Qualified as a hair, make-up and makeover specialist and corporate image consultant, Anne is a triple threat to all image problems.

Anne is different -  she’s not your typical image consultant. She goes beyond skin-deep, beyond hair and makeup.

Anne not only teaches you the fundamentals of your personal image, but inspires you to always look great - inside and out. Improve the image problems of your business and personal life with her electrifying image makeovers.

In the corporate environment, Anne’s stirring Corporate Makeovers will give your employees something to talk about. We’re not talking about an insubstantial make-up course here - Anne engages hard-hitting image problems such as employee dress code policies and what’s appropriate to wear to work, right down to appropriate business etiquette and how to properly present yourself to clients.

Anne’s  original, corporate image makeover courses aren’t just for the ladies. Men have just as many corporate image problems as women - it’s a fact. Appropriate language, dress, looking sharp and interaction with female staff are all but some of the topics she deeply deals with.

Whether it’s a date or work function, Anne’s image makeovers give you and your business the confidence you need to succeed. Just read what Anne’s clients have to say about her outstanding corporate image makeover courses.